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cartoon cat wikipedia

Cartoon Kitten is a good boy who likes to eat hot dogs with a lot of ketchup. Later on August 10, a second photograph was released, with the caption "What they found in the dirt mall". Morgan le Fay | Cassiopeia | The Fetid King | The protector of Empire City. Vampires | Unholy Trinity | Cartoon Cat is possibly the most powerful of all of Trevor’s monsters. Coffin on Wheels | A ginger house cat with a blue collar on his neck. Baron Samedi | A beautiful, but disenchanted secretary for Farley Winks and Danny's girlfriend. Often chased by. These images and inconsistencies in Cartoon Cat’s appearance and his size such as his feet repeatedly changing from points into those resembling shoes and his size that ranges from towering over a building to being only slightly taller than a person seemingly imply that like an actual rubberhose 30s cartoon, Cartoon Cat can change his form, size and body at will, stretching and squashing his limbs and body parts on a whim, which could explain why he is so dreaded even among other monsters: he doesn’t obey traditional laws of life, he’s “malleable”, acting like a shapeshifting cartoon and using these powers for sinister and violence means. Tsuchinoko | King Oenomaus | An overly curious and rebellious kitten who, after getting into trouble for falling from a house to see if he could land on his feet, runs away from his woodpile home in his owners' farm. Otesánek | When fighting bad guys, Courageous Cat would use all-purpose Cat Gun or a vast variety of different deus ex machina "trick guns" he pulls out of his cape. The Man Upstairs | Devil Monkeys | Gremlins | In the, He is an orange tabby cat who also appeared in another. A cat who goes to extreme lengths to get his master to feed him. Originally Snowball V, there have been many housecats in the show. Gargoyles | He is adored by most other characters in the show. Paimon | Ghost Trains | He also states Cartoon Cat is so dangerous, other monsters avoid the dirt mall it sometimes resides in, “if they know what’s good for them.” When asked why he is so dangerous, Trevor simply responded: “unchecked limitations.”. Notice the cameo of. Paparrasolla | Zombies, Demonology Legends Cartoon Cat is a strange creature created by Trevor Henderson. Count Dracula | Cartoon Cat is a Trevor Henderson character. Sheepsquatch | Spirits: Dybbuk | The smaller member of the SWAT Kats, who is a mechanical genius. Amanda the Doll | It originated from a Twitter post in 2018. An elderly cat who resides at Morningside Orphanage and comforts Penny when she is sad. Shapeshifting/Hyper-ElasticitySize-shiftingCartoon MimicrySymphokinesis (Manipulating music)ImmortalitySupernatural EnduranceSupernatural AgilitySavageryEnhanced StrengthEnhanced StaminaEnhanced ReflexesSharp claws and teethIndomitable Will Thomas "Tom" Cat is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films. An alley cat who originally worked with Evil Martin along with Floyd who try to eat the mice of NIMH. 1 Description 2 In Slender Fortress 3 Trivia 4 Gallery Cartoon Cat is a monster created by Canadian illustrator Trevor Henderson. Abere | He is an antagonist as owner of sinister shops all having his name in him. Enemy of the PAW Patrol; known for copying others' superpowers. Mngwa | The predecessor image of Cartoon Cat was posted online by Trevor Henderson on August 4, 2018. Momo | Frankenstein's Monster | Stingy Jack, Humans & Humanoids Five days later on August 15, a third picture was posted of the Cartoon Cat captioned "all the classics are coming back", featuring Cartoon Cat standing in the middle of a crossroad at night. Hairy-Armed Woman | The Man with the Upside-Down Face | A small part of the city extends into Greene County. If you've been on Instagram or Tumblr, you may have heard about Trevor Henderson. This animal is not in the. Tamamo no Mae | Powers and Stats. How a cartoon cat's gender identity launched a Wikipedia war . It is restricted solely to notable feline characters from notable animated television shows and film. He wears the same gloves as his evil big brother, Cartoon Cat, but he only wears them because he's a big fan of those old cartoons and wants to wear their merch. On September 26, a very unnerving picture of the creature was released, showing Cartoon Cat standing in what looks like someone's house. She and Wendy belonged to Cait Shelter before joining Fairy Tail. The main character of the Fritz the Cat films and comics. [7], The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue, The Siamese Cat Song / What's Going on Down There, "SANRIOTOWN – YOUR SANRIO COMMUNITY AND EMAIL SERVICE WITH SPECIAL WALLPAPERS, ECARDS, GAMES AND VIDEO FEATURING HELLO KITTY", "Hello Kitty is not a cat, plus more reveals before her L.A. tour",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Observer: And these OP cats are no exception! Pukwudgies | Demiurge | A black cat with white fore-paws, muzzle, belly, and tail-tip. Somewhat uptight and believes strongly in being polite and neat. Peeping Tom | Actually this song is from "Betty Boop and Grampy intro song. Antichrist | A blue preteen anthropomorphic cat who is the series' protagonist. Summary. An alley cat who, along with Muriel who originally worked with Evil Martin who try to eat the mice of NIMH. He is a giant feline creature who resembles a 1930s era cartoon cat, hence his name. Belphegor | He is a red thin cat with yellow eyes. Although Cartoon Cat's origin is unknown, it is believed that Cartoon Cat was from a TV series in the 30s, specifically 1939, and then he got abandoned. It is a large creature, depicted as a grinning male[1] cat with a hollow body that serves as a bus, complete with windows and seats coated with fur, and a large bushy tail. Tantalus | Cartoon Cat estaría parado afuera de otro edificio abandonado, con su cuerpo levemente inclinado y su boca abierta. Powers/Skills A blue cat whose best friend is Peg. Two-Toed Tom | Clown Doll | Flatwoods Monster | Leopold the Cat (Russian: Кот Леопольд, Kot Leopold) is a Soviet/Russian animation series about the pacifistic, and intelligent cat, Leopold. Fallen Angels Cartoon Cat, Mythos Evil-doer Beneath his profile picture is some text, though most of it is covered up with black bars labelled "REDACTED". A scrawny yellow cat who is prone misfortune as he is living his last life and always accidentally summons one of his former lives (or a storm cloud in the case of nine) when he says a number between one till nine or anything that sounds remotely like those numbers. Gomorrahites | Behemoth, Gods & Spirits who is brought aboard the Aloha Oe after Dandy and QT mistake him for a new species of alien. Country Road Creature | An adorable little orange kitty who embodies the manga's mascot. He is the god of destruction. Hobby Snickering sidekick of Alexandria Cabot in the comic book and classic TV Cartoon series {although not shown in movie}. Horsemen of the Apocalypse | The photo appears to be taken from inside a car, with the headlights being the only source of light shining upon Cartoon Cat, though only illuminating his arms and legs due to Cartoon Cat's height. Atë | The creature is similar to Cartoon Cat- jet black, huge eyes, crooked teeth, and noodly limbs ending in white-gloved hands- but its head is more dog-like or mouse-like in shape. Cartoon CatThe MonstrosityThe Cartoon CatEnemy from the Void (with Siren Head) For characters that appear in several separate television series, only the earliest series will be recorded here. Polyphemus | Add new page. Men in Black | Some people started theorizing that Cartoon Cat and Good Boy are connected. Animated pixellated cat with the body of a Pop-Tart, flying through space, and leaving a rainbow trail behind it. Michigan Dogman | Cartoon Cat is a hostile cryptid and an urban legend created by Canadian horror artist, Trevor Henderson. Angra Mainyu | Ghosts | Indrid Cold | Black Eyed Children | His real name is Me#$%* (pronounced Merowmreowreow). Ravana | But she is not a cat. Kali | Skeletons | Grim Reaper | Satoshi: We are talking about Cartoon Cat, the mall stalking cryptid. A boy named Billy is transformed into a cat by a magician who decides to teach the boy a lesson. Erymanthian Boar | Herod the Great | He is frequently assisted, but more often annoyed, by his aide Henchrat. Black and white cat of the title song in the. Alias He originated from a twitter post on 2018. Fetch | Louhi | River Mumma | Goliath | Despite the fact that Dan learns that Mr. Mumbles is a female, he still keeps the "Mr." in her name. Full Name Kongamato | One of the Care Bear Cousins. Saul | She is also Dudley's partner and best friend. He wears a purple hat and vest. His common catchphrase is "I hate meeces to pieces". Snallygaster | Crying Boy | King Arthur | Chococat is drawn as a black cat with huge black eyes, four whiskers, and like his counterpart, (a pun on the homophone "clawed cat") had his origins in several other. He is a fun-loving prankster and uses his power for antics and light-hearted harassment rather than intentional, malicious evil. However, unlike the Man with the Upside-Down Face, while Cartoon Cat is morally aware of what he does, Cartoon Cat is very enigmatic with no clear personality nor his crimes are made clear other than stalking and breaking and entering with no confirmation he has killed anybody, the Man with the Upside-Down Face does everything just for fun, feeding off of negative emotions for his own sick and twisted pleasure and causing the deaths of people by causing the fatal incidents to indirectly occur. Tier: At least 7-A, possibly High 3-A. Cartoon Cat or some entity similar to him (Cartoon Rabbit) opening a doorway. Frankenstein's Monster | Stymphalian Birds | A small blue cat with a white underbelly and a down-to-earth, loyal, usually mischievous personality. The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water | A pink Persian cat who is a talent agent. Green Witch | La Tunda | In this episode, we take a deeper look into Trevor Henderson's creepy creation, Cartoon Cat. Further information can be uncovered on Trevor’s responses to people’s questions on his Tumblr. Baphomet | Hinnagami | Myling | Lucius Tiberius | SCP Foundation Villains. Additionally, when someone asked why Cartoon Cat hasn't committed any mass murders despite being so powerful, Trevor simply responded with "Every year, people go missing". The Pharisees | Spiders | Sebastian and ALexandria are contemporary comic relief bumbling bad guys similar to. Stolas | Cartoon Cat is a character of Trevor Henderson. Gargoyles, See Also Cartoon Catis a cryptid and urban legend created by artist Trevor Henderson, and a recurring monster within the mythos his monsters originate from. A black cat (also what his name literally means) who appears in every single episode of. Giants of Voronezh | it is another cartoon animal of the species cartoon monsters. Hanako-San | A group of cats who live in a junkyard and headed by Riff-Raff and supported by Cleo cat (Riff-Raff girlfriend), Hector a streetwise Hispanic cat, Wordsworth W. Wordsworth a hip-hop groovy cat who speaks in rhyme, Mungo a big black Persian cat and Spike the junkyard dog. Pete is a Disney cat, and main enemy of Mickey Mouse, and has been in comics and cartoons since the Alice cartoons. Medusa | Has many similarities to. Cat is 26 years old. Salawa | A kitten who is Duchess' son and brother of Marie and Toulouse. A laid-back ponderous yellow cat who likes eating, but whose actual name isn't known. An orange tabby in a Disney film inspired by. Candyman | 2,080 Pages. Type of Villain Cartoon Cat is a hostile cryptid and an urban legend created by Canadian horror artist, Trevor Henderson. Carla (シャルル Sharuru) is an Exceed, the daughter of Queen Shagotte, and a close companion to Wendy Marvell. As Trevor himself says on his Tumblr about Cartoon Cat and other potential cartoon monsters of his on whether they looked friendly and less creepy before, “When they had their own show, they did, before it got taken away.”, Despite this revelation, it is still unknown how exactly Cartoon Cat exists in the real world, whether it be as a cartoon character somehow brought to life or a demonic entity taking on the form of the retired cartoon mascot. A winged blue cat who desires that life be unpredictable, full of surprise and change. Lurking in abandoned buildings.Breaking and entering peoples' homes.Committing atrocities. He does respect the effort the gang does for him, but he often takes credit for it. Legion | Kansa | Trolls | Behemoth the Elephant | it can do most things that something lacking anatomy can do. Krampus | He communicates with cute little poster signs and is very cuddly. 1 Background 1.1 Development 2 Appearances 2.1 The Aristocats 2.2 House of Mouse 3 Disney Parks 4 Gallery 5 Trivia Scat Cat was originally written for Louis Armstrong to voice him and was originally named Satchmo Cat. Cartoon Cat: Sketches by TheDarkCat97. Trevor has revealed that Cartoon Cat and any other cartoon monsters can take the exaggerated form of almost any animal, but since dogs, mice and cats are generally the animals that come to mind when cartoons come to mind, those are the forms they are “most likely to latch on and form into.” If the majority of the population focuses on a specific character for a cartoon, Cartoon Cat can possibly take their form. Tanuki | Mammon | The cat who helps save the Dalmatian puppies from Cruella de Vil and her lackeys. Kuchisake-onna | Thunderbird | He is a college-aged anthropomorphic cat, presumably living in the 1960s. Robert the Doll | 's best agents. Category:Cats | Tom and Jerry Wiki | Fandom. Tom and Jerry Wiki. Rich Man | Kronos | Crimes Cartoon Catis a boss in Slender Fortress. Enma Daio | Rain Man | Cartoon Cat estaría parado afuera de otro edificio abandonado, con su cuerpo levemente inclinado y su boca abierta. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Moloch | Atlas | She is O the Owl's next-door neighbor. Ghost Trains | Eight Feet Tall | Malsumis | Kyo Sohma (草摩 夾 Sōma Kyo?) Monstrous Stalker, The MonstrosityThe Cartoon CatEnemy from the Void (with Siren Head), Size-shiftingCartoon MimicrySymphokinesis (Manipulating music)ImmortalitySupernatural EnduranceSupernatural AgilitySavageryEnhanced StrengthEnhanced StaminaEnhanced ReflexesSharp claws and teethIndomitable Will. She also has two whiskers on each side of her face. Delilah | Yallery Brown | She is a little girl. She acts as the brains to ensure her and her best friend Runt's survival. Melon Heads | Bunnyman | Child of Luna and Artemis and guardian to, Alice's cat Dinah is brown and white and wears a pink bow, A Doc think black and white cat tuxedo voiced by, An obese, lethargic black-and-white cat with a large red nose (voiced by. Samael | Breaking and enteringUnspecified atrocitiesKidnapping (implied)Mass murder (implied)Man-eating (implied). Kali | A cat which obtains the ability to speak after swallowing a parrot, and its owner who is a rabbi in 1920s Algeria. It is also to note that since the mythos lack a potential storyline or narrative plot, it is most likely that Cartoon Cat has yet to be confirmed to have actually killed anyone, since there seems to be information indicating otherwise or even a sympathetic backstory on him. Cerberus | Cartoon cat is a very HAPPY furry. Ghost cat sidekick of Funky Phantom who teased Elmo the dog. Jötunn (Ymir, Loki, Hela, Skoll and Hati, Fenrir, Jormungandr, Surtr, Hræsvelgr) | Krampus | Powers and Stats. Poseidon | Demons | This suggests that Cartoon Cat is based on, or possibly original from, an old cartoon from 1939. Rakshasa | Trevor has stated a few times that Cartoon Cat is not the only cartoon monster out there, and he has given contradictory information on some pictures of Cartoon Cat, sometimes stating that it is Cartoon Cat, and other times stating that it’s another cartoon entity. On October 10, the "Cartoon Cat Fact Sheet" was posted, showing a closeup of Cartoon Cat reaching towards the viewer, with a massive grin full of yellow teeth dripping with blood, suggesting he has either eaten someone or is clenching his jaw so tight his gums are bleeding. Ixion | Unknown But when he is H A P P Y his song is a danger to anything that hears it when they are alone. John and Susan Buckley | Beast | Interlude. It is implied that he has shapeshifting abilities like a typical 30s rubberhose cartoons, able to change his size and the length, presence and absence of his limbs, he’s “malleable”, as Trevor says. Top Cat and his gang were inspired by characters from t… Satan | Although the Man with the Upside-Down Face is by far the evilest and if not, the worst creation Trevor Henderson has created, Cartoon Cat himself is the most dangerous and possibly the strongest. Redcaps (Robin Redcap) | Yowie | The Devil | Mamlambo | Tom Cat Jerry Mouse Spike Bulldog Nibbles Mouse More characters Shorts. A greyish-blue ragged looking cat, with a bandage around his tail. Titans | Hook Killer | Katerina lives with her mother, Henrietta Pussycat in the treehouse and loves dancing. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Tom is a blue/grey anthropomorphic domestic short-haired cat who first appeared in the 1940 animated short Puss Gets the Boot. A cheerful, naive cat who wants to become a famous Hollywood star. HABIT: Black cats are usally considered symbols of bad luck. The famil… Termagant | StalkingBreaking and enteringUnspecified atrocitiesKidnapping (implied)Mass murder (implied)Man-eating (implied) Felix the Cat (Theatrical cartoons) (1919-1936) He is also a vegetarian (with the exception of the occasional fish). She falls in love with Thomas and is forced to choose her life at home or a life with Thomas. Cartoon Cat got up and started to walk away, but Bendy got up, fully healed. A pink and purple striped cat with a wide smile and close-set, piercing yellow eyes. In later decades he has a "Magic Bag of Tricks". Originally broadcast on Wednesdays, 8:30-9pm Eastern, Top Cat was co-sponsored by Kellogg's and Bristol-Myers (Bufferin). Goatman | Apparition events involving Cartoon Cat have been described as "a desiccated fusion of Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat". Joliet the Haunted and Cursed Doll | Nanny Rutt | Ysbaddaden, Monsters, Animals & Anthropomorphic Beings A photo was posted showing what seems to be an angry looking Cartoon Cat, but brightening the image reveals an unusual thick, almost blocky body, with only Cartoon Cat’s face and arm being recognizable. La Tunda, Cryptids She's a cartoon character. A angora cat are girls into vampire evil cat. The Man in the Red Room | The Giants | Green Knight | Cartoon Cat appears to be heavily inspired by old cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat, It has large, soulless eyes bulging out of his head, all black fur, white gloves with three black darts, and a mouth with bloody flesh exposed and gums torn. He has a habit for getting into trouble on his many adventures. An adorable gray and white kitten with black stripes wanders away from her family and is found by a young boy, Youhei, and his mother. Clown Doll | Cartoon Cat saw several Searchers running … La Viuda | A black and white alley cat, who made his first appearance in the Tom and Jerry series in the 1943 short, Baby Puss (in which he serves as the secondary villain/main archenemy) alongside Topsy and the already-established Meathead. Kraken | On August 22, a fourth picture was posted captioned "For you, anon." Voiced by. A dimwitted cat-like Betelgeusian (ベテルギウス星人 Beterugiusu-seijin?) Good Boy | Goals 1 Biography 2 Famous Fanfictions: 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Videos 5 Facts: The predecessor image of Cartoon Cat was posted online by Trevor Henderson on August 4, 2018. The evil wizard Daedalus's pet cat, which is grey and ill-tempered. He loves aerial warfare history, as seen in "The Ghost Pilot," and Scaredy Kat … A cowardly, long-haired, orange, bushy-tailed tabby cat who befriends Fievel Mousekewitz. Madman Marz | A dark purple cat who is a devoted servant to Princess Serenity and advisor to her mother, Queen Serenity. Their mother announces her departure, tells them to have fun, and says she'll return at 3:30 sharp. 1 Cartoon Cat 2 Appearance 3 Wave Arrival 4 History Cartoon Cat appears to be heavily inspired by old cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat, Ithas large, soulless eyes bulging out of his head, all black fur, white gloves with three black darts, and a mouth with bloody flesh exposed and gums torn. He is also obsessed with jet skis. In episodes where Meatheadis absent, he is shown to be the dimwitted one of the recurring alley cats. A main character in the series. Hera | 1 Ability 2 Look 3 Accounts of him being seen 4 Location 5 Images cartoon rat, is likely another form of the Cartoon Cat. Black Rock Witch | A humanized orange cat with a mysterious pirate past. Roger's pet cat who was later revealed to be a girl at the start of the third season. Once again his feet are missing. The Lamb | The character's popularity has led to its use in a. Black Cats | A small kitten who stands by the bulldog Marc Anthony's side. Judas Iscariot | Aka Manto | Jade Catkin is Roxie's roommate who is a gothic. Lord William de Soulis | Mascot | Malawi Terror Beast | Manananggal | Evil feline doppelgangers of the PAW Patrol. A pink anthropomorphic mountain lion sporting an upturned collar, shirt cuffs and a string tie with a great desire to be a stage actor. Mystery Killer | Felix was the first animated character to attain a level of popularity sufficient to draw movie audiences. Beast of Gévaudan | China Doll | Mara | Kappa | Físicamente en las cuatro apariciones de Cartoon Cat lo muestran mas como un ser amigable que pese su tamaño gigantesco y características algo desconcertantes, no pareciera ser una criatura amenazante. Sack Man | He is a giant feline creature who resembles a 1930s era cartoon cat, hence his name. White-Eyed Children | Lilith | A tuxedo cat who serves as a sidekick to Alice. Felix the Cat is a funny-animal cartoon character created in 1919 by Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer during the silent film era. Cropsy | An overfed cat with a rectangle head, who lives in the junk-filled attic of an old house. A commissioned photo drawn by Trevor Henderson of Cartoon Cat. She has turquoise fur (originally pale orange) with a white tail tip, and her tummy symbol is a pink star with a red heart inside. Scat Cat is a supporting character in Disney's 1970 animated feature film, The Aristocats. Cartoon Cat is a very cruel monster by Trevor Henderson Appearance Edit. An anthropomorphic black cat with white eyes, a black body, and a giant grin, he is one of the most recognized cartoon characters in film history. Andromalius | Roc | Photographic evidence reveals a maw, constantly leaking blood viscera affixed under large soulless eyes bulge out of a head covered with reflective Hose Rubber/Black Fur. Save. Cockatrice | Trauco | He transforms into an orange cat whenever he is hugged by a person of the opposite gender or when his body comes under a great deal of stress. Reptoids | He is capable of invisibility, and frequently enters and exits the scene with all parts faded away except for his grin or eyes.

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