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New Shotgun Stock. The new High Tech S represents a notable advancement in Perazzi’s technology and design, a new shotgun from one of the best that you should be more than able to capitalise on. PERAZZI – High Tech 2020 Vari Colori- Calibro 12-20 . The Perazzi High Tech is a superb clay smasher A slight variation on the MX8 action, slightly wider, a touch heavier Reverse taper 7mm-10mm rib for faster target acquisition All our Perazzi have upgraded SC2 wood but as with all Perazzi… £11,195 US$15,495/€12,990. Outstanding factory SC2 grade Monte Carlo adj. A wide selection of high quality products from Perazzi. In the Perazzi High Tech, the weight is added directly in line with the chamber, which absorbs the recoil in one direction and dampens your perception of it. I'm glad most of you liked your HT. Logo engraving across silver-finish receiver. it is like new in perfect condition. Speaking of costs, a new custom High Tech can be had for less than 14K. Perazzi High Tech S 2020 12 Gauge New. Summary of the Perazzi MX12. CALL OR EMAIL TODAY FOR PRICE!!! RRP is £9,880 upwards. Hand-cut checkering, blued-steel barrels. IT COMES WITH 30" BARRELS WITH FIXED 7 AND 9 CHOKES. High Tech 2020. Maybe that's why HT represents 90% of current Perazzi production. Saturday 9:00AM to 1:00PM EST. Required fields are marked * The Perazzi Hi Tech are something that takes some getting use to. Because I really don't see and feel much meaningful improvements vs any MX8 (and variants) I … Login Register Menu. In addition, each model may be available in different grades. perazzi … SC3 153558. we have just received on consignment an absolutly stunning perazzi hightech 2020 step rib trap gun. Perazzi High Tech Sporting. This right handed Shotgun has 31 ⅞" barrels, 15" stock. & 4 ozs., and works out great for skeet & sporting clays, and with all this being said I have shot and am really considering a Perazzi High Tech at 8 lbs. Contact the seller today using our contact form. Gauge: 12 ga., 3 in. Description; Lunghezza canne e strozzature: 70-72-75-78-80 CM (o su richiesta) 8 e 10/10 (o a richiesta o con strozzatori intercambiabili). Factory nickel finished action with mirror polished scallops and "2020" commemorative engraving pattern. IT HAS AN UPGRADED TIMBER STOCK SET AS WELL AS A GLOVE FIT GRIP AND ADJUSTABLE COMB. Wednesday 9:00AM to 7:00PM EST. Best, Breakemall Western North Carolina Perazzi High Tech 2020 Black Trap Ref 20645. Your email address will not be published. Perazzi High Tech S X Edition Sporting 12GA 31 1/2″ (544) PSA West; DETAILS. Perazzi High Tech S USMC Sporting 12GA 32″ (591) PSA West; DETAILS. PERAZZI > High Tech 2020. we have just received on consignment an absolutly stunning perazzi hightech 2020 step rib trap gun. Vieni a vederlo da vicino presso il nostro stand! Perazzi 12 gauge High Tech S Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - New JV . For more information and images please click on the more information button. Closed on Sundays All of them are stocked identically, and I can interchange them at will. Perazzi High Tech 2020 Black Trap Ref 20645. this particular gun is sold, however you can have another made and come to the factory with us for a gun fit and even pick your own wood! it has an upgraded timber stock set as well as a glove fit grip and adjustable comb. My 2019 gun was 13k and my 2020 was 15k with several extra cost options, so very comparable to K guns. Fixed choke .016 bottom and .024 top. December 19, 2020 Bill Malloy Firearms 0. 7x7 tramline rib. Post subject: Perazzi High Tech versus MX2000 or MX8. Reviews There are no reviews yet. This new Over and Under Shotgun requires a shotgun licence. Perazzi High Tech 2020 Sporting Shotgun w/Adjustable Comb | 12GA 32" | SN#: 161544 Incredible High Tech 2020 on consignment directly from Perazzi. $23,000.00 FOR SALE Caliber: 12G Condition: EXCELLENT State: Victoria More Details... A & W Grassi Pty Ltd. ... Perazzi High-Tech HT3 2020. Il nuovo High Tech 2020 è in esposizione al Gran Mondiale Perazzi da oggi a domenica 22 luglio! Dropout trigger with external barrel selector. Barrel Specs: 33 Inch. call … Perazzi is a manufacturer of precision shotguns from Brescia, Italy. Perazzi is a manufacturer of precision shotguns from Brescia, Italy. it is like new in perfect condition. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED ON CONSIGNMENT AN ABSOLUTLY STUNNING PERAZZI HIGHTECH 2020 STEP RIB TRAP GUN. Stock dimensions: 1.50 x 2.20. A combination of symbolic references of modern and innovative aesthetic solutions and a series of technical features make the new Perazz Perazzi High Tech S all serial numbers matching at 160XXX. New Perazzi High Tech 2020 Sporting 12GA with 33" Fixed choke (.016/.024) barrels, 7x7 parallel tramline rib (1.560kg barrel weight). Brand new and unfired. See below our range of guns based on your search query. Perazzi High Tech S 2020 12 Gauge New; More Views. Post Mar 26, 2020 #1 2020-03-26T19:03. Crown Grade: Joined: Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:49 pm Posts: 3233 I've shot MX8 and MX2000 Perazzis since 1997. Close Menu. DEALER LICENCE NUMBER 431 982 80F Quick overview: High Tech S 2020 The newest addition to Perazzis High Tech range, the 2020 was developed in honour of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Perazzi HT 2020 GOLD 12 gauge 32″ (453) PSA East; DETAILS. SKU: NFTL-HIGHTECH2020-12 COLOURS Categories: Fucile tiro liscio, Nuovo, Perazzi. The incredible success seen by Perazzi on the international competitive stage is not only testament to the talent of the shooters, but also to the quality of Perazzi workmanship. call … As a celebration of their unrivaled history in Olympic shooting competitions, and in honor of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Perazzi are proud to unveil the new High Tech 2020. 1.600KG. Perazzi. Be the first to review “Perazzi High-Tech HT3 2020” Cancel reply. Gun Test: Perazzi Hi Tech Trap – read in full here; Gun Test: Perazzi Hi Tech Sporter – read in full here Add to wishlist; Email to friend; The new Perazzi High Tech 2020 will be on display at Gran Mondiale Perazzi in Lonato July 19-22, 2018! Add to quote. Gun was ordered with upgraded SC3 wood. Nickel finished receiver with the new 2020 pattern and red-enamel highlights, high polished scallops. I don't know how many of you HT lovers had extensive experiences with the non-high-tech MX8. Perazzi High Tech 2020 Sporting 12GA with 34" factory choke tubed barrels, 11x7 flat tapered tramline rib. Right hand palm swell. All serial numbers matching #161XXX. If you are thinking of ordering a new High Tech, take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Perazzi factory to choose your woodwork and have your gun fitted and made to measure – it’s an experience! Perazzi HighTech 2020 Sporting Shotgun | 12GA 32” | SN#: 161160 Gauge: 12GA Barrel Weight: 1580 B for sale by Colegunsmithing on GunsAmerica - 940195379. perazzi high tech 2020 メーカー:ぺラッツィ モデル:ハイテック2020 perazziの銃はイタリアで製造されています。 1964年の東京オリンピックでは エミリオマッタレリ選手がgoldメダルを獲得した銃としても有名なメーカーです。 The Perazzi High Tech has quickly gained a winning reputation for itself since its launch in 2015. IT IS LIKE NEW IN PERFECT CONDITION. Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 8:44 pm . S/N 9102 These grades are based on type of finish, engraving and wood quality. With 3/4 & 7/8 chokes is this High Tech 2020 … Video post by @ShotgunReport. Introducing the new Perazzi High Tech 2020! Length of pull 15 inch. 4704 perazzi high tech 3 standard sporting 12ga 32" perazzi new design, first one delivered to the usa, adjustable rib 3 notches, 18.7 bore, mod/im, fixed chokes, 1.610kg, reversed tapered rib, adjustable new modern style stock, right hand with small palm swell, new design fluted forearm, new, cased. it has an upgraded timber stock set as well as a glove fit grip and adjustable comb. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 8 lbs. Save Share. Reactions: Voolfie. Gun is new and has never been fired. This exponentially magnifies the influence of additional weight allowing for the 1.5oz increase to make a considerable reduction in recoil. 18.7 Bore. $29,500.00 FOR SALE Caliber: 12g Condition: AS NEW - UNFIRED State: New South Wales More Details... Hunt Shooting Supplies. Perazzi High Tech S Black Edition Sporting 12GA 7×7 Rib 34″ (429) PSA West; DETAILS. The S model has the barrel selector on top safety tang. Perazzi High Tech 2020 Sporting 12GA 34" (696) Description: New for 2019! Buy a 12 gauge Perazzi High Tech 2020 Over and Under Shotgun online today. From the company made famous by successes in the Trap disciplines comes a fantastic Sporter / Game gun – the Perazzi MX12. Perazzi has now taken over its own importation and distribution in United States, with creation of Perazzi USA, Inc. comb stock with right-hand palmswell and fully checkered HT forearm. The Perazzi Experience - not just any gun! PERAZZI HIGHTECH 2020 STEP RIB. it comes with 30" barrels with fixed 3/4 and full chokes. 3/8 cast off at the toe. PRICE: $25,700 inc GST BARREL: 76CM / 1530 GMS / 11X11 FLAT RIB Barrels: 27-9/16 in., 28-3/8 in., 29-1/2 in., 30-3/4 ... HT design standard or custom adjustable. A lmost certainly the most successful clay-target shotgun of recent decades, Perazzi’s MX8, was first introduced, as its designation suggests, in 1968.Since then, this model and its derivatives have amassed a huge medal haul at the highest levels of shooting. 4 ozs to 10 ozs., flat rib. Features: The competition grade High Tech 2020 is made in Italy. With thanks to Malmo Guns for making their private clay shoot available and for supplying the Cheddite Trap Oro ammunition. Categories: Shotguns. it comes with 30" barrels with fixed 7 and 9 chokes. Monday – Tuesday - Thursday – Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST.

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